Wisewell & Splash: Clean Water for All

Every drop of water is a lifeline

Especially for the 884 million people who lack access to this basic necessity. While our mission at Wisewell is to bring clean, sustainable hydration to your homes and offices, our vision extends far beyond that. We're committed to making a global impact.


people who lack access to clean water



Empowering Urban Communities with Safe Water

Splash, a groundbreaking social justice and water organization, zeroes in on urbanchildren's needs. Their innovative approach taps into restaurant and hotel supply chainsto funnel water purification systems into schools, orphanages, and community hubs.

Splash's Remarkable Journey

In just a decade, their resilience and innovation have delivered results. They've championed clean water access in every orphanage across China and currently quenchthe thirst of over 1 million children across eight countries in Asia and Africa.

More Than Just Water

Our alliance with Splash isn't just about water, it's about ensuring a healthier, brighter future for children across continents. By choosing Wisewell, you don't just purify your water, you become a beacon of hope for communities worldwide.