Wisewell Model 1 Subscription

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Subscribe to Wisewell Model 1 today and join the hydration revolution. Turn your tap water into safe, mineralized water while saving time, money, and plastic. The AED 150 monthly subscription includes Wisewell Model 1 and all filter replacements.

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Model 1 Subscription
30-Day Trial Period
2-year Subscription Period
Unlimited Warranty During Subscription
1 Free Filter Box (6 months)
AED150 /month
Own your Model 1
30-Day Trial Period
Refund Guarantee
1-year Warranty
1 Free Filter Box (6 months)
Use WW15 for 15% OFF on your first month
Delivery in 1-3 working days
  • Plug-and-Play (no installation is required)
  • App Sync
  • Full Spectrum Filtration
  • Temperature Control
  • 9.5L Total Water Capacity
  • Touch Panel

Full Spectrum Filtration

The most common household water purification techniques only use one type of filter - and that’s like washing your laundry without detergent. It’s only partially effective and leaves the job unfinished. Wisewell’s four-step process transforms your tap water into delicious, clean, mineralized drinking water.

Wisewell App

The Wisewell App uses internal sensors, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity to give clear insights into water quality, filter life, environmental impact, and how much money you are saving compared to bottled water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Max Poggemann
The best customer service (and device)

I came across wisewell purely by coincidence and loved the idea of reducing all this plastic waste and microplastic. I reached out via WhatsApp and the customer support was great already. All my questions were answered and within a few days the device was in my house.
I have used it for several months now and it's great. Works as advertised.
Whenever I had a question or concern I was quickly supported via WhatsApp from very friendly people. Surely the best customer experience I had so far!

Presiyan Segov
Best Customer Experience in Dubai

So, it’s now been about a month since I’ve had this product. Truly brilliant! The first day we had a bit on an issue, I contacted the CS on WhatsApp and they were truly something else! Always responded on time, took my issue personally, sent a team to fix the issue to my house and now everything is perfect. It was the best customer experience I’ve had in this country. Thank you to the whole CS team, and especially Lorena. Keep being awesome!


at first we hesitated but now we look back and think why we didn’t get it sooner! amazing technology, user friendly and updates you what needs to be done via app!, customer support and feedbacks just wow! most of all water never tasted yummy and pure before!