Full Spectrum Filtration

Using four stages of filtration, Wisewell
ensures your water is the best
it can be.

carbon-water-filterReverse Osmosis filterMineral Filteruv-water-filter
Reverse Osmosis filter
Mineral Filter

Carbon Filter

Using adsorption, our carbon filter removes mercury, chlorine, and other volatile organic compounds from your water.

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Reverse Osmosis

Our reverse osmosis filter uses high-pressure filtration to remove virtually all “forever chemicals”—long-lasting, dangerous, hard-to-filter compounds—from your water, along with most other common contaminants, such as metal ions and chemicals.

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Mineral Filter

Wisewell’s Maifan stone mineral filter adds trace amounts of beneficial—and delicious—minerals to each glass, enhancing your water’s flavor and texture.

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UV Lamp

Last but not least, Wisewell eliminates microorganisms and bacteria that may be hiding in your water by exposing them to ultraviolet light.

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Full Spectrum Hydration