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Wisewell Nano +

Wisewell Nano +

Regular price AED1,499 Including VAT
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Order your Wisewell Nano + today and join the hydration revolution. Turn your tap water into safe, mineralized water while saving time, money, and plastic.

Water Capacity

Benefit from a combined 1.2L/min capacity to cater to all your hydration needs

Smart Hydration

Sync with the Wisewell App to track and tailor your hydration journey

Full Spectrum Filtration

Harnessing Carbon, Reverse Osmosis, Mineral, and UV lamp to deliver unparalleled purity in every drop

Touch Panel

Effortlessly dispense with just a touch

Temperature Control

Cold, hot, or anywhere in between, it's all at your fingertips

Experience First: 30-Day Trial Period
Free Filter Replacements When Needed
Commitment Period: 24-month Subscription
Unlimited warranty throughout subscription
99 AED /month
Experience First: 30-Day Trial Period
Wisewell’s Quality Promise: 100% Refund Guarantee
Commitment to Purity: 1-Year Warranty
First Refresh on Us: Complementary Filter Box for 6 Months
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Setup: Installation required to sink

Instant Heat Technology: Dispenses hot water immediately.

Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring: TDS detection for both tap and purified water for assured quality.

Filter Life Alerts: Timely reminders for filter changes.

Smart Connectivity: Control and monitor via our app.

Customizable Temperatures: Hot, cold, or room temperature options.

Voltage Compatibility: 220V

Frequency Range: Operates at both 50Hz / 60Hz.

Power Efficiency: 220V with heating: 2110W; 220V without heating: 100W

Flow Rate: 1 liter/minute.

Optimal Water Temperatures: Hot water above 93 - 95°C; Cold water from 6°C to 11°C.

Capacity: Unlimited

Compact Design: 375*225*375mm

View our certifications here.

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